Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mozilla Bootcamp - LNMIIT

After a long break of two months due to the accident I was overwhelmed to be part of a Mozilla LNMIIT Club inauguration.This was my first chance to interact with the students of this college. I was amazed to see the interest of students towards the open source and coding. Seemed that the binary lifestyle was their art of life.

The Event started with a formal introduction of speakers and walk through of the entire event by Sagar Chandra Agrawal (Active Mozilla Contributor ). This was enough to fill the attendees with the curiosity to learn more about open-source and Mozilla Community.

Then followed up by my session giving the brief introduction of open-source and its need. This time I used small stories and instances of life to explain the effect of open source. Then explained the role of Mozilla in the same, also discussed about the contribution verticals too. Everyone was now too excited to start contributing.

Now Shivam Dixit took a mind blowing session explaining the students about the basics of Git and Github including the various commands . Things became more clear by his live examples to the contribution.

With this now Utkarsh Pyne briefed the students about the encryption and code conservation mechanism in the Git at the same moment he also briefed everyone about various common issues which users face while working with Git and Github .

Then the event was successfully completed and we presented some swags to various students for their active involvement in the event. 

Looking ahead for awesome contributions :)
Thanks to Mozilla LNMIIT Club specially Sagar Agrawal, Shivam Dixit, Utkarsh Pyne and Ashish Madeti for the awesome event.

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