Monday, 15 June 2015

Introducing MCR SIGs

In Mozilla Community Rajasthan we strongly believe that miracles can be done when we unite  and work passionately to attain any goal.There is nothing a person can't achieve with proper motivation, guidance, knowledge and resources. And the growth of volunteers involved with any community is the measure to visualize the growth of that community.

Finally after a long wait Mozilla Community Rajasthan brings us the Special Interest Groups (SIG). SIGs are groups of individuals within the Community who have a particular interest (focus) in a  specific area of  the Mozilla project (eg. Coding, Localization,  Support, QA, Marketplace etc). These groups are created to enable contributors to focus on developing specific skills and work more closely with experienced contributors for those projects. 

After a lot of  brain storming we came up with this idea of introducing the special interest groups that would help thee volunteers to devote their best focused contribution to the open source community. This would help us in keeping the track of the contributions of the new volunteers in more efficient manner.This would also enable various contributors to get access to all the required resources , guidance and information.

Each SIG would comprise of a team of passionate mentors and volunteers thinking and working round the clock to help the new volunteers to groom their skills. The mentors would ensure that the contribution done by every volunteer is rightfully recognized and rewarded. Any Individual can mentor one or more groups. The mentors posses the responsibility to make sure that volunteers get recognized and rewarded for the contributions made. All the mentors would be backed up by various reps in the community for any issues they face (swags, Institutional permissions, budget etc). So that they could devote all their time and concern in planning and delivering upcoming sessions or workshops.

Being a mentor would mean a great fun and learning experience for everyone of us. We would be organizing amazing sessions, would interact with new volunteers and doing some awesome contributions together. We can spread more awesomeness together and grow the community together. The best part is that its too easy to apply for being a mentor, all you need to do is mention your name along with the name of Special Interest Group which you can mentor. Soon the SIGs would be functional and the fun would begin.

There would be frequent interactive session and get-together events for better impact and momentum. These sessions would enable everyone to groom their respective interest with the help of their mentors.At any instance if any help is required by anyone involved all the Mozilla Reps. in MCR are always available and easily reachable :).
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