Monday, 12 January 2015

Know The Foxy - NobleFoxy

 After a long time I got an awesome opportunity to interact with kids again. This time I had some of my dear friends with me and we had a great time with these kids.

As always kids were busy flying kites and playing till one of them saw the Mozilla sticker on my laptop. He knew nothing about Mozilla nor Internet or computers but this sticker fascinated him and his curiosity brought him to me. This child named Akilesh came to me asking about the sticker and told that he also wanted to paste it on his class 4th notebook.

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Talking to him about the sticker I told him about the computers and Internet. I showed him my laptop and demonstrated that using net how can we interact with various people at long distances (video chat ). Soon he called his other friends too to show this and everyone found this very interesting. Then in showed them some funny cartoons and showed some funny editing  on pictures. They all found this very interesting.

With this came the moment of dusk and they all had to go home but every one was very happy because the kids had awesome experience with the computer along with some cool stickers for their notebooks and I was happy to fly kites with them. Then we had a group picture with a promise of meeting again soon. Missed A good Camera :(

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Wednesday, 7 January 2015

Know the foxy @ Funtime Womoz

Today the day was amazing as I had a nice time with few friends. As we had a great time with everyone telling them about the Open-source and Firefox OS. The conversation started with three friends and later the hostel mates also joined and the conversation transformed into session about the contribution to Mozilla and the open source.

    This was more a fun session than being a hard core technical session. Although the topics discussed were new for most of them yet it seemed that they were pretty much aware about the concept of the open-source and the involvement in Mozilla mission.We also talked about the application development for Firefox OS. And one of our apps named "Manifest creator" would be soon submitted to market place.

    They all had the first interaction with the Intex device with Firefox OS and were pleasantly surprised to know its price. Everyone was very happy to know that Mozilla encourages the female contributors a lot.With this it was a time for the group picture (we missed a nice camera).


    The best thing about this session was that everything happened very quickly as initially we sat down for a informal conversation gradually we discussed about Mozilla and the session was shaped and this Womoz workshop turned to one of the best Womoz sessions delivered by me.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Know The Foxy - App dev

     Today I had one of my most memorable application development sessions ever delivered. As today I had development session with my buddies at one of my friend's room. Things started when everyone saw the FXOS device  then we had a informal conversation about my journey with Mozilla community Rajasthan. Followed by a chat about the Firefox OS , its other devices and its USP's .

With this we started with a informal introduction of Firefox OS as not everyone of us was not from a very technical background. Everyone found it very interesting and easy to use and contribute thus asked me to acknowledge them about the detail how the applications can be created for this platform. As i knew that everyone was familiar with HTML i showed them how small applications can be created using it. The part that everyone found most interesting was that an application that is created for the FXOS can be executed on the other platforms like android and windows etc that too with very minor updates.I had few swags too from some of the past workshops delivered. At the end everyone was very happy and specially me because today i had realized the actual power of open-source that could fascinate a person who is not from a core technical background.

Thanks Manvendra, Asif , Rahul and Dhanraj for the awesome time . :)

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Diving Deep - MCR Anniversary Planning.

    As the time for the ceremony comes closer the planning for the event becomes more rigorous . So today we had one more online meeting with the club-leads of various institutions aiming at a strategy planning for the event and to decide the flow of the event .
The topics that were discussed included :-
  • Invitation Criteria 
  • Follow-up Strategies
  • Event Publicity 
  • Event Walk-through 
  • Responsibilities Distribution 
     Initially the conversation started with the formal introduction of all the club-leads who were part of the meeting along with the current status of their clubs and the area of contribution in which their club is most actively contributing.

     Then the discussion about the invitation criteria for the event was started and finally after a healthy discussion we reached a conclusion that a common form would be circulated which would be filled by anyone who wants to a part of this event and would list down their contributions.

     Followed by the planning for the follow up strategies which would be followed for being in touch with all the attendees so that in case if they need any help they might require from our side. At the same moment we can expect great help from the representatives of various start-ups more emphasis would be on the companies that are keenly interested in the open source . 

    Event publicity strategies were also discussed simultaneously in which we planned for continues posts and updates on various blogs, groups and pages. 

   Now it was the time for the discussion about the event walk-through and the responsibilities distribution among the various members. The suggested sessions and the speakers for the event were decided along with the order of the session keeping in mind that the sessions  were supposed to be more hands-on and less theoretical . The responsibilities were opted by everyone as per their area of specialization , a detailed documentation of the responsibilities and the event flow was sent to every concerned person at the end of the meeting.

With this the meeting ended and everyone was ready to rock the event.