Monday, 12 January 2015

Know The Foxy - NobleFoxy

 After a long time I got an awesome opportunity to interact with kids again. This time I had some of my dear friends with me and we had a great time with these kids.

As always kids were busy flying kites and playing till one of them saw the Mozilla sticker on my laptop. He knew nothing about Mozilla nor Internet or computers but this sticker fascinated him and his curiosity brought him to me. This child named Akilesh came to me asking about the sticker and told that he also wanted to paste it on his class 4th notebook.

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Talking to him about the sticker I told him about the computers and Internet. I showed him my laptop and demonstrated that using net how can we interact with various people at long distances (video chat ). Soon he called his other friends too to show this and everyone found this very interesting. Then in showed them some funny cartoons and showed some funny editing  on pictures. They all found this very interesting.

With this came the moment of dusk and they all had to go home but every one was very happy because the kids had awesome experience with the computer along with some cool stickers for their notebooks and I was happy to fly kites with them. Then we had a group picture with a promise of meeting again soon. Missed A good Camera :(

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