Saturday, 27 September 2014

Mozinar Udaipur


To spread the Mozilla mission our team now reached city of Lakes, Udaipur. Techno India NJR (Udaipur) was kind enough to provide us with all resources for our workshop.

This was a much awaited event as the planning for this event had started before a month. Dipesh Monga and his team (quite a dedicated one) had put a lot of efforts to make this a successful one.
The workshop started with the formal introductions, followed by explanation of Mozilla mission (Osho Parth). He explained the essence of open source and how Mozilla is into it and the various verticals of contribution to the open source .


Then Meghraj Suthar explained about the webmaker tools and how to use them.


 After that Trishul explained the ease of developing apps for Firefox OS.
Now since the Mini-camp Jaipur  we have made the hands on Sessions a mandatory part of every workshop. So we then started with hands-on session for web-maker followed by app dev hands-on.
The concept of hands-on was entirely new to the attendees and they enjoyed every bit of it. They have been attending various seminars and this was was the first time they were able to apply immediately what they have learned few minutes before. And surprisingly we got a number of remixes and eventually more volunteers :) .
15388039871_a8404e59d4_zAfter the hands-on the various contribution verticals were explained to the attendees in which they can start their contributions.
Dipesh Monga then demonstrated how to use the App-maker and what can be done with it. Again the audience were awestruck with the simplicity and ease of development. And last but not the least this event would not be possible without the enthusiastic volunteers.
Finally we concluded the workshop by distributing few prizes for best makes and also collecting Ideas to fill our idea tanks.
So overall I think as a team we succeeded to deliver the Mozilla mission and hence can expect a lot of contributions from Udaipur.
Thanks to Techno NJR, Udaipur and wonderful and beautiful volunteers.

Saturday, 6 September 2014

MozGarh - Mozilla At Nargarh :)

hello everyone,
                        Well this was one of the most unexpected #makerparty(event link) of all time, i know iam too late to post about this event but better late then never.
In this blogpost i will be sharing my amazing trip to the NaharGarh Fort,Jaipur(wiki link ) which took place on 20th July,2014. The meetup actually started at saras parlour where we discussed about the upcoming agenda of MCR and about the Club reporting system, but as the time passed by we all decided to take a trip to the beautiful fort and continue our maker-party at NaharGarh. The event was attended by Osho Parth , Trishul Goel , Tushar Arora, Adit Bharadwaj and Santosh Mangal. 

The road trip pictures to Nahargarh. 

As we all reached the fort we explored the beauty of the fort, the ancient walls explained the glory of India.  We all chose a silent spot where the strong winds made our day. We discussed some of the webmaker tools and how we can use them in our future workshops to increases productivity and get even better results.

Discussing the Tools

At the end we just took a selfie and ended the awesome trip with a note that "no matter where you go or where u stay you can always explore the options and achieve your goals."

Some More pictures from the trip :) :

The selfie time :)