Monday, 18 August 2014

MInicamp jaipur :)

Now this was the biggest and one of its kind event organized by MCR, and obviously the expectations were quite high. And after the event concluded we know the bar has been raised.
trishul1 trishul2

The event kick started with the memento signing by all the attendees. With a single sign everybody engraved their love for Mozilla on a single chart paper. Now the challenge was to bring people from different colleges, regions on a common platform and for this idea given by Vineel worked like a charm. All we needed to do was to call random two people from group and ask them to meet as a long lost friend : simple and Effective. This helped us to create a friendly and open environment.
Then Vineel (Mozilla India Community Liaison ) briefed everyone about what is Mozilla and Mozilla Mission. Vineel also explained what exactly is Firefox OS and what are the future plans to compete in the market.
This time we(Osho, Trishul) kept our self confined to organizers roles and gave the session responsibilities to Adit, Tushar and Lavish. Very first time we tried concept of parallel sessions. We arranged two parallel sessions of webmaker tools (a bit for non-coders) and also App-dev(a bit for web-coders). To help the attendees to choose the right session as per their interest, we the session leads briefed a bit about their session before hand.
Now when the sessions started Lavish, AditTushar completely rocked. As single soldier can not win the war alone. These fellows were well assisted by Chandan Baba, Anju Chandel, Gautam Sharma, Raj Rohit, Dipesh Monga, Talha Anwar. And as a team, we were able infuse the charm and able to deliver the knowledge.
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And hats off to the attendees, we have organized a number of workshops in various parts of Rajasthan in span of an year, but I can proudly say we had the best set of attendees in this Minicamp, enthusiastic, quick-learner and most important willing to take an extra leap to cross the bar.
After these session, was the turn of Ice Breaker Session “Ali Baba 40 thieves” and this was the point where we came to know what our community exactly is. Every body busted the floor with awesome dance moves, Chandan Baba being the Best :P .
After that Raj Suthar explained various contribution verticals in which one can contribute to Mozilla. The idea was delivered that anyone can contribute to Mozilla by as simple as even Tweeting.trishul
Trishul then explained a bit about mozilla code base, Bugzilla and a bit Geeky part.  We started each session with collecting ideas and pasting it over idea tanks.

The idea for this event was to keep hands-on approach for every thing and in complete event we stuck to this approach. Attendees made various makes live at the event, also we submitted a firefox app right in the event.
Now finished from the organizers side, we called up the attendees and one by one they spoke about what they felt about the event and what they were able to achieve.
Moving towards the conclusion the final part was a surprise PRIZES, we awarded prizes to the best performer from each event. And last but not the least a big thanks to some really creative people who engraved their creativity on charts and we were totally awe-struck.
And Finally the MCR touch -> a round of FOXY pics and number of awesome memories to cherish.
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Friday, 15 August 2014

JNU WebDay

This was a event hosted by one of our most enthusiastic  contributors Shahbaz Alam and was the first event hosted by him thus had a special value for each one of us.
Event was hosted at Saras parlor and had many contributors from Jaipur National University .

Event was initiated by none other than the host himself Mr.Shahbaz Alam who explained everyone about the What Mozilla is all about and requested everyone to introduce them self in few words along with the  description of the open-source idea in their vision.

I explained about what open source is and what mozilla is? and told us about the ways of contribution to mozilla.

A brief description of Webmaker was given and App-dev session started.
Participants were very much excited to learn about app development.
manifest files were given to students and hands on started.

Followed by a hands on session in which we created multiple webmaker makes and multiple application ideas were suggested by the fellow contributors and then came our first app for the day.  which was titled as Make me smile developed by hitesh 

Finally event summed up with the group picture.
At the end of session we had some awesome contributors who have the will and wisdom to carry ahead the spirit of the open-source .