Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Journey With MCR (Mozilla Community Rajasthan)

What Is Mozilla Community Rajasthan?
MCR is a Community of skilled Open-source Contributers who were contributing to the idea of open-source with their best possible potential but still lacked some resources that could prove to be an add-on towards the goal of spreading the word of open-source . They all combined their efforts and formed a community that proved to be an ideal platform under the banner of Mozilla for the upcoming contributers to cherish their skills.
I am proud to be a part of MCR.
I had a great opportunity to be a speaker in various workshops that were organized my MCR around the state. This is one of the most memorable experiences of my life when i communicated with people acknowledged them about the power of open source and was delighted to know about the various other aspects of the technology which i was not aware about.

Our first meet-up was on 25 Jan and the event was named as the MozCafe @ Jaipur. This was like a meet-up session for all the members of MCR to know each other in a better way and to know about the various other active communities spreading the knowledge about open-source . As the result of this meet-up the power that was scattered throughout the state in form of various communities concentrated to become MCR( Mozilla Community Rajasthan ).

Then the series of events was initiated by our first event at JIET Campus, Jodhpur named as "MozBoot". In this event i got the golden opportunity to be one of the skilled speakers and spread the aura of open-source. In this there were multiple topics discussed by various speakers around the state. some of them were Open-source an overview , Mozilla mission and Firefox OS etc.

I discussed about the power of open-source and about the basic architecture of firefox OS.
In this college the entire arrangements were taken care by Meghraj Suthar and Ashish Seervi.

There were nice audiences who were keen to know about the freedom and open world we were talking about. Even tough we had a very long session yet the interest of audiences was remarkable.

Then the second milestone in the journey of MCR was the workshop at MUST (Lacchmangarh). This session was conducted by Prachi jain . This was also a session which was truly based on the interaction of the people influenced with the proprietary softwares to the open-source softwares.
In the entire session there were multiple presentations by various speakers on different aspects of open-source and the Mozilla mission .In this workshop i showed some of the common open-source softwares that proved to be a center of attention .

Then the next achievement in the journey was the workshop at GIT (Jaipur). In this workshop too almost all the basic concepts and some additional aspects of the development. This event proved to be one the most successful event of the MCR as the number of attendees was  150+. This event was the result of the consecutive efforts by Tushar Arora.
In this workshop also almost the similar topics were discussed.
Looking ahead for more events  :)

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

MozFirst - MITS - WoMoz

Back With A Bang !!
MCR organized another  Community Building experience Event at MITS, Sikar. So the event started  at 10:00AM by the organizer of the event  Prachi Jain, with the Mozilla Story, Mozilla Mission and brief introduction about the Mozilla Project.

After that session, the next session taken by Meghraj Suthar, in this session he told them about the Open Source and Mozilla Community in details. MITSians were eager to know abou Mozilla.

After this session, next session taken by  Raj Rohit. He told everyone about the Live open source projects and how to get involved in these. He also spoke about Data Science.


After his session, I (Oshoparth) started the next session about Firefox OS and Open Source freedom. Showed some cool tricks and tweaks that can be done to Firefox to experience the power of open source and about some cool basic Linux hacks.

After that  Lavish Aggarwal told about Webmaker Project and how the Webmaker tools work , with a Live demo. It was a new thing for all participants, to work with Webmaker. He demonstrated Popcorn, Phimble and X-ray Googles in detail.

So, next session was about the Firefox Apps, and it was taken by Tushar Arora He discussed about App Development for Firefox OS. Everyone found it quite interesting.

After the event was over, we distributed lot of swags to the participants and also had a group pic.


With this we had enlightened the spirit of open source and Womoz in everyone's hearts and were happy to have many new contributors becoming a part of our community .

Saturday, 15 February 2014

Mozmaker At GIT (Global Institute Of Technology , Jaipur)

An amazing event was organized today at Global Institute of Technology, Jaipur by Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The event was started at 09:00 AM. Firefox Club GIT member Dishant Arora started the event by introducing MCR(Mozilla Community Rajasthan)  members and guests.

All the students were extremely excited to learn about open source software and web applications. First session was taken by Me on open source software and their use in current scenario. I explained how we can customize open source software for our use and why they are beneficial for the society and also demonstrated some cool tweaks for Firefox and Linux. 


Then it was time for introducing everyone to Firefox OS. Mr. Tushar Arora explained them why there's a need of Firefox OS and how it is different from others.
Then it was time for third session by me on the architecture of Firefox OS and How to contribute to this project. I was happy to answer a lot of queries asked by the students demonstrating their immense interest in the project.
Fourth session was taken by Mr. Tushar Arora and he explained everyone how to make apps for Marketplace and also showed them a demo of an app using Firefox OS simulator.
Then we had our final session with Mr. Adit Bhardwaj. He explained Webmaker tools to the people and they were extremely excited to see very easy tools to remix things and make them their own.
We packed up the event by recruiting students for Firefox Club GIT. They were really excited to know more about Mozilla and Open Source.
We also had a lot of swags and goodies which were distributed among students. 

We had a great response from students of GTC. You were simply awesome. We would love to have feedback from the you so that we can plan for further workshops in your college premises.
I would like to thank Mozilla Community Rajasthan for giving me constant support to organize this event. 
I would also like to thank all the volunteers and Firefox club GIT members for being with us all the time.

Thank you.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Mozboot Jodhpur :)

MozBoot @ Jodhpur

It was glad opportunity for all MCR member to organize a workshop in JIET campus, Jodhpur. This event was attended by 80+ students and speaker were:
  1. Meghraj Suthar
  2. Raj Rohit
  3. Osho Parth
  4. Trishul Goel
  5. Lavish Aggarwal
This event was not possible without the great support of Mr. Meghraj Suthar and specially Mr. Ashish Seervi, MCR team was very thankfull to you :)
Event was started by Dean of JIET college delivering motivation speech and informing agenda of this workshop to students.
Then Raj Suthar informed students about Mozilla, Mozilla Mission, FSA program and ways of contributing in mozilla.
Students were very keen to know about mozilla.
then session was taken by Raj Rohit. He told about data science, artificial intelligence and spam filtering.
Session was continued by Osho Parth to make student aware about how their thought of freedom is different from actual freedom and informing them about open source and mozilla as part of it.
Now it was time to inform students about App Development. So, Lavish Aggarwal(me) and Trishul Goel told them What are apps? How they are made?
Then Lavish told them about languages used for making good apps, advantage of HTML5, CSS3 covering semantics for making good app.
So when apps are made they also must be uploaded so Trishul told them how app are uploaded and also told them about manifest.webapp file which is necessary for uploading app to market place.
Then session was taken by Osho informing students about architecture and different layers of Firefox OS.
Doubt Session:
Then times come to tell students about awesome webmaker tools of mozilla. So Osho and Trishul inform students about X-Ray Goggle, Thimble and Popcorn Maker and how to use it.
Session was ended by Hands on session in which students make simple web apps and used webmaker tools.
Then college staff honored all MCR members.


Overall Workshop was awesome and when we returned we had many awesome contributors looking ahead to make some great contributions to the Mozilla Mission .

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Mozcafe Jaipur :)

So, Finally was the day when  all Mozilla Volunteers of Mozilla Community Rajasthan met. It was good to meet all awesome contributors. The event  started at 9:30 A.M. at Mc-Donald’s at Gaurav Tower, Jaipur. We met there and a not so formal introduction round took place. Event was attended by 10 awesome contributors:
  1. Lavish Aggarwal : FSA, SUMO, AOA
  2. Mukul Taneja
  3. Osho Parth : FSA, Fx OS App Dev , Community Building , Webmaker
  4. Trishul Goel : FSA, Add-ons
  5. Raj Suthar : SUMO, Webmaker, l10n
  6. Prachi Jain : FSA
  7. Ashish Seervi : FSA, Webmaker, Add-ons
  8. Rishi Pariyani
  9. Tushar Arora : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker, AOA
  10. Varun Kaushik : FSA, SUMO, Webmaker Mentor, AOA, WebFWD, l10n
There were some new curious people who were not aware about the Mozilla Project and the different areas of contribution The session was started by Meghraj Suthar, introducing about Firefox Student Ambassador Programs and all the activities that an  FSA must do to start his/her contribution.


Then we started an informal discussion about SUMO, areas of contribution in it, and how to help other people:
  • Army Of Awesome
  • Answer questions in Support Forum
  • Writing help articles
  • Translate articles to your Local Languages

Varun  told people on how to contribute using Twitter and how to answer questions in the Support Forum. A live demo of Army of Awesome and Support Forum was shown by varun.


Then the topics related to the contribution verticals , how to get involved with Mozilla mission and how to bring the idea of a open virtual world to reality were explained by me and Trishul Goel. Thereafter we planned and made a list for all upcoming events with respective colleges of Jaipur where we can organize events.

After deciding about the events and colleges we move ahead to discuss on Mozilla and its Mission, Firefox and Firefox OS. All were very excited in making Firefox OS  apps. An informal discussion took place about the App of the Month Contest and getting started with Firefox OS Apps.

A big Thanks to the only active Rep of our community –  Ram Dayal  for arranging SWAGS in very short time.
The current Mozilla Rajasthan Commnity members:

Finally at the end of session we had a team of awesome contributors ready to spread the word of Mozilla Mission and opensource round the globe ! :D
You can find more pictures  here.