Thursday, 26 May 2016

Bypass App locking softwares in Few Simple Steps - "Applock Crack"

If you have some app locking software installed in your android phone and you think that you are safe from the unauthorized access to your sensitive apps that contain your personal data you need to give a second thought to it. As these application locks can be easily compromised by simple process management in the android phones. Here is how to do it :-

Step 1.
Let us take an example of a victim who has application locking  app installed in his phone and is using the same to protect lock whatsapp.

Step 2.
Under normal circumstances you can easily figure-out the name of the application in the application drawer. In this case its App-lock , if you are unable to find the name in the drawer then go ahead and search for it in the installed application list.

Step 3. 
Once you have found the name of the installed application in the application listing then tap on the icon and you would find a screen with few options , tap on "FORCE STOP" option.

Step 4.
On selecting the Force stop option a confirmation message would be displayed , confirm the command by selecting OK option.

Ta Da that is it now feel free to view any application that was protected by the lock. Stay tuned for more ...

Monday, 16 November 2015

Addon-Dev @ LMNIIT

Above all a very Happy Diwali to all my readers. 
After a long duration of few weeks I once again got an opportunity to interact with the students of the LNMIIT college.This workshop was organized for the First and Second Year students of LNMIIT College , Jaipur which held on 15th November,2015 named "Addon Dev in the Box @ LNMIIT" organized by Mozilla Community Rajasthan. The Technical lovers Irrespective of Branches and semesters have attended  the workshop on how to contribute to the World of Open Source and to know about the Firefox Addons  and how they can contribute to world of Mozilla.

The event was initiated with a basic introduction about Js and Addons. In this section the students were breiefed about what are addons and what is the architecture of an addon along with a basic understanding of JavaScript. We talked about the various Api's that are available in the Mozilla SDK for the addon development with reference to MDN Documentation.

After the introduction to the Addon SDK and the JavaScript now was the turn of the hands on session for the addon development in which we gathered the ideas from the various attendees of the event and then started the development.

We reffed to the MDN documentation for the information about various API's and then created some awesome addons like the HTTPS Redirector , Selection Calculator and Select to copy etc.

At the end of the event the students were rewarded for their adorable efforts and contribution to the addon development.The event ended with a smile on everyone's face with the expression of proud open source contributors. Once again I was very glad to introduce new emerging addon developers to the community.

"Doing Good Is A Part Of Our Code"


Saturday, 10 October 2015

Mozilla at St. Xaviers College

                   This time awesomeness was spread at Saint Xavier College in an event co-organized by Integration Edutech and Mozilla Community Rajasthan.Event emphasized on cross-platform application development.

I was left speechless seeing the amazing arrangements by the college. Event started with a very warm welcome at the college by the college authorities and the IT club members.

Everyone was keen to know the coding techniques and the emerging technologies.The students were keen to know more and more about the opensource and Cross platform applications. We started with Discussion about the Opensource,Mozilla and various web development technologies and the moved on to the live application development and coding.

We had a great discussion about Firefox OS, Cordova and Android. The students had an impressive knowledge about the web development and were very quick learners when it came to Application development and deployment 

Then this was the time for some icebreakers and some amazing swags .

At the end the session summed up by a token of thanks by Mr.Dharamveer Yadav and a group picture with the Integration team, Xaviers IT group members and the college authorities with whom this event could not such a great success.

This event was also covered by many newspapers .. some of them are as follows:-

That's all Folks..... Had a great time Thanks to Integration edutech and Xavier Authorities for organizing this great event.

Monday, 13 July 2015

Moz-Explore Kids

"This was my first experience with primary school kids and thus was undoubtedly very memorable for me. "
This was the thought in my mind when i returned home after interaction with kids in a primary school in a rural place nearby Jaipur

I received a very warm welcome at school by the Principal and Kids, Everyone was very keen to know about Mozilla. Since the kids still had a lot to learn about the computers so this was more a kind of web literacy session.

We started with a brief discussion about internet , web browsers and web sites. Then we discussed how to search for the desired topics online.

We performed some searches on web for the solutions of some academic problems they were facing and kids were amazed to know that everything they wanted to know was answered online.

Then we saw some interesting videos online which was really fun, we also viewed the Mozilla
Mission video which was appreciated a lot by everyone.later the swags were distributed to kids to encourage them to try and know more about the technology and internet .

Had an Amazing time with these kids, looking ahead for more opportunities to have a word with them..

Monday, 15 June 2015

Introducing MCR SIGs

In Mozilla Community Rajasthan we strongly believe that miracles can be done when we unite  and work passionately to attain any goal.There is nothing a person can't achieve with proper motivation, guidance, knowledge and resources. And the growth of volunteers involved with any community is the measure to visualize the growth of that community.

Finally after a long wait Mozilla Community Rajasthan brings us the Special Interest Groups (SIG). SIGs are groups of individuals within the Community who have a particular interest (focus) in a  specific area of  the Mozilla project (eg. Coding, Localization,  Support, QA, Marketplace etc). These groups are created to enable contributors to focus on developing specific skills and work more closely with experienced contributors for those projects. 

After a lot of  brain storming we came up with this idea of introducing the special interest groups that would help thee volunteers to devote their best focused contribution to the open source community. This would help us in keeping the track of the contributions of the new volunteers in more efficient manner.This would also enable various contributors to get access to all the required resources , guidance and information.

Each SIG would comprise of a team of passionate mentors and volunteers thinking and working round the clock to help the new volunteers to groom their skills. The mentors would ensure that the contribution done by every volunteer is rightfully recognized and rewarded. Any Individual can mentor one or more groups. The mentors posses the responsibility to make sure that volunteers get recognized and rewarded for the contributions made. All the mentors would be backed up by various reps in the community for any issues they face (swags, Institutional permissions, budget etc). So that they could devote all their time and concern in planning and delivering upcoming sessions or workshops.

Being a mentor would mean a great fun and learning experience for everyone of us. We would be organizing amazing sessions, would interact with new volunteers and doing some awesome contributions together. We can spread more awesomeness together and grow the community together. The best part is that its too easy to apply for being a mentor, all you need to do is mention your name along with the name of Special Interest Group which you can mentor. Soon the SIGs would be functional and the fun would begin.

There would be frequent interactive session and get-together events for better impact and momentum. These sessions would enable everyone to groom their respective interest with the help of their mentors.At any instance if any help is required by anyone involved all the Mozilla Reps. in MCR are always available and easily reachable :).
Hurry Apply HERE

Thursday, 16 April 2015

Mozilla Bootcamp - LNMIIT

After a long break of two months due to the accident I was overwhelmed to be part of a Mozilla LNMIIT Club inauguration.This was my first chance to interact with the students of this college. I was amazed to see the interest of students towards the open source and coding. Seemed that the binary lifestyle was their art of life.

The Event started with a formal introduction of speakers and walk through of the entire event by Sagar Chandra Agrawal (Active Mozilla Contributor ). This was enough to fill the attendees with the curiosity to learn more about open-source and Mozilla Community.

Then followed up by my session giving the brief introduction of open-source and its need. This time I used small stories and instances of life to explain the effect of open source. Then explained the role of Mozilla in the same, also discussed about the contribution verticals too. Everyone was now too excited to start contributing.

Now Shivam Dixit took a mind blowing session explaining the students about the basics of Git and Github including the various commands . Things became more clear by his live examples to the contribution.

With this now Utkarsh Pyne briefed the students about the encryption and code conservation mechanism in the Git at the same moment he also briefed everyone about various common issues which users face while working with Git and Github .

Then the event was successfully completed and we presented some swags to various students for their active involvement in the event. 

Looking ahead for awesome contributions :)
Thanks to Mozilla LNMIIT Club specially Sagar Agrawal, Shivam Dixit, Utkarsh Pyne and Ashish Madeti for the awesome event.

Monday, 12 January 2015

Know The Foxy - NobleFoxy

 After a long time I got an awesome opportunity to interact with kids again. This time I had some of my dear friends with me and we had a great time with these kids.

As always kids were busy flying kites and playing till one of them saw the Mozilla sticker on my laptop. He knew nothing about Mozilla nor Internet or computers but this sticker fascinated him and his curiosity brought him to me. This child named Akilesh came to me asking about the sticker and told that he also wanted to paste it on his class 4th notebook.

Displaying altAixhYX5hxkiJy4km6Xp2cOiLCoFFA_p7IwQlM89fGoCA.jpg

Talking to him about the sticker I told him about the computers and Internet. I showed him my laptop and demonstrated that using net how can we interact with various people at long distances (video chat ). Soon he called his other friends too to show this and everyone found this very interesting. Then in showed them some funny cartoons and showed some funny editing  on pictures. They all found this very interesting.

With this came the moment of dusk and they all had to go home but every one was very happy because the kids had awesome experience with the computer along with some cool stickers for their notebooks and I was happy to fly kites with them. Then we had a group picture with a promise of meeting again soon. Missed A good Camera :(

Displaying altAplLiL7E9XfUrVr9Kgsut-Te-GZZ6pVJMjF6yiMmPEYm.jpg