Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Journey With MCR (Mozilla Community Rajasthan)

What Is Mozilla Community Rajasthan?
MCR is a Community of skilled Open-source Contributers who were contributing to the idea of open-source with their best possible potential but still lacked some resources that could prove to be an add-on towards the goal of spreading the word of open-source . They all combined their efforts and formed a community that proved to be an ideal platform under the banner of Mozilla for the upcoming contributers to cherish their skills.
I am proud to be a part of MCR.
I had a great opportunity to be a speaker in various workshops that were organized my MCR around the state. This is one of the most memorable experiences of my life when i communicated with people acknowledged them about the power of open source and was delighted to know about the various other aspects of the technology which i was not aware about.

Our first meet-up was on 25 Jan and the event was named as the MozCafe @ Jaipur. This was like a meet-up session for all the members of MCR to know each other in a better way and to know about the various other active communities spreading the knowledge about open-source . As the result of this meet-up the power that was scattered throughout the state in form of various communities concentrated to become MCR( Mozilla Community Rajasthan ).

Then the series of events was initiated by our first event at JIET Campus, Jodhpur named as "MozBoot". In this event i got the golden opportunity to be one of the skilled speakers and spread the aura of open-source. In this there were multiple topics discussed by various speakers around the state. some of them were Open-source an overview , Mozilla mission and Firefox OS etc.

I discussed about the power of open-source and about the basic architecture of firefox OS.
In this college the entire arrangements were taken care by Meghraj Suthar and Ashish Seervi.

There were nice audiences who were keen to know about the freedom and open world we were talking about. Even tough we had a very long session yet the interest of audiences was remarkable.

Then the second milestone in the journey of MCR was the workshop at MUST (Lacchmangarh). This session was conducted by Prachi jain . This was also a session which was truly based on the interaction of the people influenced with the proprietary softwares to the open-source softwares.
In the entire session there were multiple presentations by various speakers on different aspects of open-source and the Mozilla mission .In this workshop i showed some of the common open-source softwares that proved to be a center of attention .

Then the next achievement in the journey was the workshop at GIT (Jaipur). In this workshop too almost all the basic concepts and some additional aspects of the development. This event proved to be one the most successful event of the MCR as the number of attendees was  150+. This event was the result of the consecutive efforts by Tushar Arora.
In this workshop also almost the similar topics were discussed.
Looking ahead for more events  :)

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