Saturday, 6 December 2014

Know The Foxy - I

The first workshop of ' Know The Foxy Campaign ' was held at Carrier Point University Kota. The day started with an expression of joy on everyone's face. We reached the venue and were warmly welcomed by the Parth Sir (HOD Comp-science Dept). Event started with our introduction by the college authorities and Sonu (Club Lead Firefox Club-CPU).

Mr.Ram Dayal initiated the workshop by a brief overview about the various topics that would be discussed throughout the workshop along with the introduction to Mozilla mission and the enlightened everyone with the Mozilla manifesto. He also showed videos about the 'Open Web Idea' and 'Mozilla Community' thus increasing the curiosity of students about open-source. 
 Followed by a session on introduction to open-source and its power was delivered by Osho Parth.  During which he acknowledged everyone about the various interesting features of open source he also discussed the various verticals of contribution for Mozilla Community  helping everyone to know their area-of interest. With this we started with the practical session for everyone.

Next session was the most interesting session for everyone in which Mr.Shahbaz acknowledged everyone about webmaker tools. Everyone was surprised to see him changing the content of web-page as if it was a plain text. Then came Thimble and Popcorn which gave wings to everyone's imagination. Then came App-maker that enabled students to make their own mobile applications.

Then Came the most awaited session about the Firefox OS architecture and App Development for it by Ram Dayal and Osho Parth. In this session audiences were acknowledged about the multiple layers of FxOS and the application development procedure for it.

Now it was time for some doubt solving sessions this was more a kind of one to one session in which all the speakers and volunteers interacted with the audiences for solving their doubts. There were many great suggestions and queries from the students, it was an immense pleasure to see the interest of students in the workshop.

Then came the moment of appraisals for the students who interacted the most and this prize distribution was just a token of thanks to the students for being such a great support.We requested the college representatives to come and give away prizes to the students.

With this we reached the end of workshop thus was the time for fun activity which was 'Ali baba & 40 thieves' .

Group Picture.

Doing good is a part of our code.

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