Saturday, 7 June 2014

Mozilla User Research Program - Community Dinner

During the User research program held at Jaipur the volunteers stayed for two days due the schedule mismatches i got the chance to meet the MUR Team at the community dinner eve and had a great time with them and it was one of the most memorable moments . The Community Dinner was held at the Forresta kitchen Restaurant  was one the most memorable  dinner i have ever had. All the community members were present and joined by all the User Research team members and we enjoyed a lot with great food. At my table i was joined by Peiying Mo, Elizabeth Hunt and Adit Bharadwaj. We had the ordered traditional Rajasthani food, with Some spicy dish( which by the way had after chilly effect), some mixed Veg dish at hands and the specially  'Lassi' which gave a sweet ending. At the dinner we had some awesome talks about the growing of the open source world and  also discussed the working atmosphere at the home office in California . And at the end "The Paan" which gave a twisted ending to the dinner for everyone over there. it was awesome, some of the pictures of the community dinner below:

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