Tuesday, 1 April 2014

 MozMaker @ Mandawa

 This time Mozilla Community Rajasthan got the opportunity to spread the word of Mozilla in the Rural areas of Mandawa ,Jhunjhunu . A place where there is not much information sources available to know the updates about the current trends in IT. This was an adorable effort of Ethics Institute and Technobyte Computers to bring the knowledge of open source at the door steps of Madawa students. 


The Workshop at Techno Byte Jhunjunu was a great Success as it was First of its kind at that place. There was Multiple Session in the workshop covering topics like:
  • Open Source Introduction
  • Mozilla Products
  • WebMaker Tools
  • Firefox OS Architecture
  • Firefox OS App Dev.
Workshop was started by a introductry lecture on opensource by the Center Manager of Ethics and the Center Manager of Technobyte Jhunjhunu. which included the basics of open Source.He also announced for free courses in the all the centers of technobyte and ethics for the five most interactive students during the workshop.

Then the next session was on Open Source Movement and the role of Mozilla community in it.  About the various products of Mozilla community including (Firefox , ThunderBird ,Persona and Bugzilla etc). They were also informed about the various ways of contributing to the Mozilla movement .

 The session was of introduction to the webmaker tools. During this session the students were acknowledged about the various tools (like Thimble, X-ray Goggles and persona ). 

Then the students were also informed about the Operating system introduced by Mozilla. The architecture of Firefox OS was also explained along with a app development session for the Firefox OS. Students were amazed to know that the They could develop apps with just the knowledge of HTML,CSS and JavaScript..

 During the next session the students were informed about the Firefox Students Ambassadors program. TechnoMoz club was inaugurated and around 50 new FSA's were recruited and were acknowledged about the role and responsibilities of FSA. Most of them are SuMo contributors and others are App Developers. Expecting at least 5 apps in near future from the App Developers.

 At the end of the workshop the students were awarded with scholarships as promised by the organizers . The remarkable success of the workshop could be easily seen in the form of the joy and happiness on the faces of the attendees.
The following pic shows the faces of our new app developers and enthusiastic contributors for the Mozilla community and open source. Expecting contribution from the club members on Webmaker, Firefox OS marketplace and SuMo.

 Doing good is a part of our code. :)

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